Follow-up / spin-off from #1479454: Convert user roles to configurables

Currently we are using a separate, relational database table to assign permissions to roles. The patch in the aforementioned issue already moves those assignments into a new config namespace. However, this should just be a temporary solution... We can improve that even further by simply putting the permissions that have been assigned to a role into a $role->permissions property.

Open question: Would this work well with config import/export/defaults? (How would a custom contrib module provide default role permission assignments for the new permissions that it adds?


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This issue is currently blocked due to an early entity system dependency that this would trigger through early bootstrap user_access() calls. We can of course solve it with additional hacks in, update.php and authorize.php but let's be nice and turn the entity system into properly injectable OO and fix it the right way instead of making those non-index.php places an even worse nightmare.

We already tried fixing this in #1479454: Convert user roles to configurables (@see Comment #51 and following)

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)