I seem to be getting this posted in the log file against some of my users when they login, I can't work out what the difference is between the users that seem to get it and those that do not.

Notice: Undefined index: und in ldap_user_is_ldap_associated() (line 611 of var/www/sites/all/modules/ldap/ldap_user/ldap_user.module).

It doesn't seem to affect the operation of my site but I would just like to make sure it's not going to cause problems in the future.

Also my users seem to login more than they used to my session and cookie timeout time are set correctly so I was wondering if there was anything in this module that could cause that behaviour.

Thanks Dan


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Thanks. Pointing out these small things is very helpful; they often help find larger problems. This was fixed at some point (see http://drupalcode.org/project/ldap.git/blobdiff/46e6e7306d758e0fdabdb327...). In general try -dev before reporting a bug.

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