I’m trying to apply automatically several filters to a view based on the corresponding profile fields selected by the current user.

For example, the users can select a favourite color (yellow, blue...) and a favourite food (fruit, meat...). If a user have selected that he likes "yellow" and "fruit", he should see in the view only the nodes that match both criteria: yellow fruits (i.e. bananas, lemons...)

This is pretty easy to do when there's only 1 field to match (following the process indicated here), but this same process doesn't seem to work for matching several fields (the content field of the view only allows 1 relationship).

I've also tried creating relations between relationships (like "chain relationships"), as proposed here, but I was unable to make it work.

Any ideas?


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Nobody can help me? Pls, I'm really stuck with this!

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Due to lack of responses, I'm offering now a little bounty to someone who can help me. See conditions here.

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I've found PHP code that could do the trick in two different issues (http://drupal.org/node/557022 and http://drupal.org/node/562270, both answered by Dawehner).

Unfortunately, the solutions provided in those issues are for D6 and for slightly different uses cases. I don't know PHP, so I would really appreciate some help in order to adapt those snippets to D7, with my particular use case (explained in the first message).

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Finally found a solution in this great blog

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