Modules updated and tested:
1. addressfield - 1.0-beta3
-Tested resaving an event
2. apps - 1.0-beta7
-Tested app store, enabling an app
3. cck 2.x-dev
-Not sure what to test
4. context - 3.0-beta4
-Spot checked context edit pages, sidebar looked good, breadcrumbs looked good
5. features - 1.0
-Reviewed features page
-reran features patch, will keep
6. media - 1.2
-Reviewed video page, tested adding a new video
7. fontyourface - 2.6
-Verified font working in ie8
8. imce - 1.6
-Tested adding an image
9. metatag - 1.0-beta4
-tested adding meta tag description for a page
10. page_title - 2.7
-tested updating page titles
11. panels - 3.3
-tested updating panel pages homepage and ministry detail page
12. pathauto - 1.2
-resaved pathauto settings page, added a new blog to test pattern
13. pathologic - 2.10
-tested site in subfolder
14. plupload - 1.0
-tested upload widget with gallery add page
15. recaptcha - 1.8
-is this even being used?
16. references_dialog - 1.0-alpha4
-not sure where this is even being used?

-Reviewed every page after upgrade
-Reviewed every page from a clean install
-Reviewed patches
-Fixed default content input format (changed to full html)

I have made these updates to dev, I want to do a full end to end test from download to install from dev before creating a stable release.


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Pushed out to beta7

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Status: Active » Fixed

These are in beta7 now

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.