Hi all,

I'm struggling with Drupal for several weeks now. I used to know html, in which I've made my actual website (based on a drupal site I think), but I'm sick of doing all changes manually in html code. i want a dynamic site now. but I'm all stuck. I don't know any php, and I have to admit that I'm getting stuck all the time configuring a drupal-theme corresponding to my actual css...

Any help, suggestions, tools, ... available that might help?



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I'm the same place as you are. And it seems to take forever to get some help. I know that it has been only a few hours, but it seems like ages. Good luck.

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First off, you should not be using Drupal 8, it is still in development :)

And Drupal is easier if you can pick a theme that is close to what you want and work from it's html and css instead of trying to get Drupal to conform to your html/css.

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sorry, i meant Drupal 7, not 8...

that's my problem, I cannot find any theme close to what I want... :(
I've been looking thru hundreds of them, nothing close to my site www.lynxrex.be

I guess I'll have to stick to a HTML-site then...