has anyway tried the OpenAM (formerly OpenSSO) stack from ForgeRock for LDAP integration?

I am hoping to find a cloud or hosted LDAP solution that the Drupal module can work with

want to try to integrate Moodle to that OpenAM too...



the AMI is only available in Ireland AWS


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More correctly. It looks like http://opendj.forgerock.org is the ldap project

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Title: OpenAM (formerly OpenSSO) and Ldap module? » Forgerocks OpenIDM stack / OpenDJ / OpenAM (formerly OpenSSO) and Ldap module?

For anyone in the Bay Area, there is a OpenIDM conference hosted by Forgerock Thursday 6th Dec


With the upcoming release of OpenIDM 2.1 Xpress, we're calling on customers, partners, friends and allies, those with ideas and those keen on having a say in the OpenIDM community, to come for a day of technical discussions, and to share best practices, use cases, and new requirements.
Lunch and beer will be served.
The product and the community around OpenIDM have matured a lot since the project began, and now have a loyal install base around the globe. This is a great venue to get together and meet with ForgeRock Product Management and customers using OpenIDM as well as specialist partners and fans!
Preliminary agenda (subject to change):

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Registration and Coffee

Welcome and Introduction

Introducing the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack
Daniel Raskin, ForgeRock

OpenIDM - State of the Union
Anders Askasen, ForgeRock

Challenges Migrating from Sun Identity Manager to OpenIDM
Nathanael Coffing, Syntegrity

Coffee Break

Case Study - Using OpenIDM for Credential Management at University of Berkeley
Dedra Chamberlin, University of Berkeley


OpenICF integration with Cloud service
Robert Jackson, Nulli

Coffee break

Modelling Business Processes in OpenIDM using BPMNv2
Steve Bistline, ForgeRock

Coffee break

Case Study - Why OpenIDM and Open Source at McKesson
Paul Mezzera, McKesson

Looking into the User Provisioning and Identity Management Crystal Ball
Andi Egloff, ForgeRock

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Love the openidm model. However I can help the ldap project integrate with it, let me know. I've always wanted to set up a live reference ldap in a variety of ldap flavors for testing of this project and to give users a reference to debug their ldaps. Perhaps there is interest within openidm to have one for similar use cases. Not sure which Bay you're referreing to, but I suspect its far from the middle of Illinois.

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hi john

San Francisco Bay Area :?

um, could I take this idea to the Summit on Thursday ?

could you write a paragraph about the reference ldap idea using openidm ? I will try to create, gather and direct some interest at the summit to this module and perhaps a proposal or concept from you?

btw, I see in the event details above UC Berkeley is using OpenIDM, which is interesting from a Drupal perspective, as the entire campus did a deal with Pantheon for Panopoly based distro (OpenAcademy or some variant as the published one seems like it needs an update)

personally, I want a solid open IDM solution to tie Drupal site networks on BOA Aegir and misc web apps like good old Wordpress, Moodle, etc etc

what do you think? what would you need from Forgerock / OpenIDM to create a reference LDAP for the Drupal module? an Amazon AMI ? a VirtualBox image?

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I'm not so much interested in a space to create it, but someone else to create and host it. It may be handy for openIDMs work also. I started a new issue for it #1856688: Reference LDAP Implementations for testing, user debugging, and documentation

Feel free to bring the idea up and pursue it. Its just something I think would be handy and I haven't found such a thing.

I may get to it someday if no one else does.

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it seems like it would be something Forgerock / OpenIDM should do.

it aligns with project community and commercial interests


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this implementation guide has just been released

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

This is a duplicated of the issue related to a reference ldap being hosted.