And.. here is my original motivation for
#1853112: Replacement for Krumo?

I had a strange case where a dpm($node) would change the way that Drupal works.
In one case, the node was rendered by an advanced_forum template. In another case it was rendered by a theme node.tpl.php.

After hours of pain, I can now present sth reproducible:

function testme() {
  $x = new stdClass;
  $x->foo = array('bar');
  $is_reference = _check_ref($x, 'foo');
  dpm($is_reference ? 'yes' : 'no');
  // Let's do it again, to show that the side effect is not caused by repeated _check_ref().
  $is_reference = _check_ref($x, 'foo');
  dpm($is_reference ? 'yes' : 'no');
  $is_reference = _check_ref($x, 'foo');
  dpm($is_reference ? 'yes' : 'no');

function _check_ref($obj, $key) {
  $orig = $obj->$key;
  $c = clone $obj;
  $c->$key = 'tmp';
  $is_reference = ($obj->$key === $c->$key);
  $c->$key = $orig;
  return $is_reference;

(krumo output)

Pretty bad, isn't it?


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That's on PHP 5.3.5

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Title: Crazy reference bug in Krumo » Krumo side effect: Object vars become references

better title

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And, just saying, krumong()->dpm() does not have this effect.

I only tested this for objects so far, not for arrays.

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- krumo does have this side effect on objects, but not on arrays.
- krumong does not have this side effect, neither for arrays nor for objects.

I suppose there is some PHP 4.x logic in krumo causing this mess.

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We've seen unexplained odd behavior before, after calls to krumo, and this may well be the cause.

It's rare that it makes a difference, but when it does, it's really nasty!

Thank you for the analysis and for your work in #1853112: Replacement for Krumo?!

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Wow, this is a major bug. I just started using dpm() recently and ran into this problem right away. I created a module that displays all forms so that I can easily alter and style them.

function MODULE_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {

However, because of this bug, the node fields will become corrupted in the template_preprocess_node() resulting in a corrupt $node object for subsequent preprocess_node hooks.

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I installed krumong and the integration patch for devel #1853112: Replacement for Krumo? and I no longer have any corruption issues with dpm(). Thanks @donquixote!

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Here is an interesting background article.
Seems to be a problem in PHP itself. So we should be careful not to blame the authors of Krumo.

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Issue summary: View changes

If it doesn't already, this bug should probably have a higher profile. It seems somewhat serious when one of the primary methods of debugging could cause such unexpected results.

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It is quite possible that this nasty bug is related #2366797: Running dpm on global $user object logs the user in as user 1.