I need everyone help me.
Currently, I using periodic import for Every 1 day and Cron jobs's every 1 hour. But I want to set periodic import feed at first time of the day, as 0:00 hour for every days.

So please help me resolve it.


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Use elysia_cron to finetune your crontab. You can leave the update setting in feeds as "always", but elysia_cron will determine when the hook_feeds_cron-is run . It can be set to 00.00 every night.

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Hi bibo,

Thanks for reply.
I follow to you way but it not resolve my problems. I install elysia_cron modules and setting with feed_cron to 0 0 * * * to run cron 0h every day but I not working. I checked, all my cron for every day just run cron at: 17:17:44 +0000 every day.

My site set regional to UK and I also set on php.ini but still now work.

Please help



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