After running the Coder module against Phone code many problems were found.

I'm opening this task in order to track and fix it.

Attached is a output from coder module with all changes that has to be made to the code fit Drupal code quality.

#5 1854126-coding-standards.patch78.61 KBrfsbsb
#1 coder.txt16.87 KBrfsbsb
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16.87 KB

Attaching the file.

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Priority: Normal » Minor

This is important, but I think it's fairly low on the list of things to do for a 1.x release. Demoting.

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I agree but as stated let's keep a track of it for future commits/releases.

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Title: Fix code to meet Drupal standars » Fix code to meet Drupal standards

Fixing the typo in issue name.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Here's a patch to fix these items.

Nothing structural has changed, only coding style to fit Drupal code standards.

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The question to answer here is this: Is it worth breaking all of the other patches in the queue for coding standards? I don't think so. We really really shouldn't worry about this right now. There are approximately thirty patches in the needs review queue + the needs work queue that need to be reviewed/committed before this can go in.

I know that this is important, but I don't think it's so important that we need to break a bunch of other patches.

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Got it.

I haven't thought in this impact when submitted the patch. I'll start reviewing patches next week before come back to this item.

Thank you for your clarification.