Follow up for #1810386: Create workflow to setup multilingual for entity types, bundles and fields


The et-ui and the new workflow for translation settings on bundles is great.
But when enabling or disabling translation on a field, especially on a field that has data, it effects that field if it is shared among other entity/bundle types.

Proposed resolution

Initial proposals:
a) make the translation settings independent
b) add information to the warnings about which entities share the field (not just say, changing this will change it everywhere it is used)
c) add information about what entities a share a field in the content translation settings page (the workflow issue)
d) when changing the translation value (checking the box or unchecking it) for a shared field in under on entity, add changed clues to the other rows on that page that are the same shared field
e) add a confirmation page when saving the content translation settings page

Final resolution might be 1 or a combination of these or new proposals.

See the research in #1810386-79: Create workflow to setup multilingual for entity types, bundles and fields (fill in the specific points here and link to comments on the et-ui that mention this same concern)

Remaining tasks

add current screenshots to clarify the problem
propose some resolutions
mock up a proposed resolution
implement a proposed resolution
get feedback from manual testing in browser

User interface changes

To the content translations settings page
To the field settings page (from the manage fields tabs on content types, comments, vocabulary, user account settings manage fields, etc)
To the confirmation pages when changing settings.

API changes

Unknown. There maybe be something reusuable.


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