I am testing newsletter module and it works great. Thanks for great module. I have only one problem and request you to help me out.

In the event, I have a event date field. When I have created structure for the event, I have given date time zone handling as 'Site's time zone'. If my event time is at 10:00am, in the database it stores times as 15:00. At event display I see correct date and time whereas when I send newsletter, I see date which is stored in database. In other words, newsletter do not adjust time zone difference.

I have used following information in template

Date : [node:field_event_date]

Am I do anything wrong here?

Please suggest.


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I would like to add two more questions here.

Can I show only 'from date'? The event has from and to date time but in the newsletter I just want to show only from date time.
Date in newsletter is displayed in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format. Can I change format to mm/dd/yyyy format?

I tried to use
but in both cases, date is not appearing in newsletter email.

Please suggest best way.

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Please guide me way to sort this out. I cant find solution.