* Allows modules to specify a uri for a customer profile.
 * When this hook is invoked, the first returned uri will be used for the
 * customer profile. Thus to override the default value provided by the Customer
 * UI module, you would need to adjust the order of hook invocation via
 * hook_module_implements_alter() or your module weight values.
 * @param $profile
 *   The customer profile object whose uri is being determined.
 * @return
 *  The uri elements of an entity as expected to be returned by entity_uri()
 *  matching the signature of url().
 * @see commerce_customer_profile_uri()
 * @see hook_module_implements_alter()
 * @see entity_uri()
 * @see url()
function hook_commerce_customer_profile_uri($order) {
  // No example.

We can see the "@param $profile", and the real param is use the "$order". So i think they should be unified. Depending on the context , i think the "$profile" is better than the "$order". I hope you think so too.

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856 bytes
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Here is my patch.

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Yep, good find. Committed! : )

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