My scenario is that there is a Test environment, and Production environment.

If a node has been translated in the Test environment, and then is imported into the Production environment, it retains the tnid property of the node from the Test, but gets a new nid. This results in a corrupted node, as this is an impossible scenario according to the way Drupal core handles translations. The desired behavior is that if the node is new in the Production environment, and gets a new nid, the tnid would be reset to 0, since the new node does not have any translations in the Production environment.

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Here's a patch I've tested with the 6.x-2.x release that resets tnid during node cloning during import. I have not tested it against the 6.x-3.x branch.

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Note that I have a patch for the drupal 7 version of this bug in The patch I have written preserves tnid, updating it to match the new nid so that the nodes can retain their translation relationship.

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