Hi all!

i use wysiwyg with CK editor since months. all worked well ever until some week ago i updated some module (media etc) and the drupal Core.

now i've seen that Editors users can't see the CKeditor anymore. for Administrators it works perfectly.

i've checked anything: input format permissions, user roles, cache flushing, i've also tried to completely UNINSTALL wysiwyg and reinstall it... nothing have solved the issue.

With the module Firebug for Drupal i can see that in the form array the Body attribute "format" is correctly set to "Full Html" (that is the only format i've bound Wysiwyg to). There are no JS error.

i just can't understan why it don't work anymore!

help me please! tell me where i could dig to discover the problem


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I also add that if i manually execute this JS in the console (firefox or Chrome) i obtain the following error:

jQuery.each(Drupal.wysiwyg.editor.init, function(editor) {
    // Clone, so original settings are not overwritten.
    this(jQuery.extend(true, {}, Drupal.settings.wysiwyg.configs[editor]));

[CKEDITOR.resourceManager.add] The resource name "media" is already registered.

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same behavior here, d'you think it's about the module's support to CKEditor's current version?

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If you run that code, it'll only try to register plugins etc again, hence the error.

The latest version, CKEditor 4, won't work at all with Wysiwyg yet. There's a patch in progress, but the new package customization functionality means you'll have to get the Full version for Wysiwyg to know what's in it. Stick to 3.x versions for now.

Are admins and regular uses using different themes? Does it work if you make them use the same theme?

Are the server logs showing warnings about file_get_contents() and/or do you know if your PHP installation has set allow_url_fopen=0? If so, please try 7.x-2.x.

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Closing this since there was no more info. Please change it back to 'active' if you're still having the same issue.