First of all I would like to thank you for this great module. Works as a charm. I installed it and have been using it for about 5 months now. Does the job perfectly. I have been using it with File Cache and the results are great, however I need another functionality to be able to say that my caching system is working properly.
I would like to add Cache Expire module to flush only expired pages from cache.
I approve new content every night and at the moment I have to clear the cache manually every night and re-crawl the pages with a sitemap generator.
This was the best beginner option I could find so far :) (Only 6 months Drupal exp so please don`t laugh to hard)
I found a module that makes it possible to use Cache Expire with core caching and it is looks easy, but as I don`t quite understand how AuthCache or File Cache work at the moment and I need a bit of help.

http://drupal.org/project/expire_cache_page is the module that makes it possible to use Cache Expire with core caching at the entire module is the following:

* Implements hook_expire_cache().
function expire_cache_page_expire_cache($urls) {
// If anonymous page caching is enabled
if (variable_get('cache', FALSE)) {
// As of Drupal 7, you can pass multiple items into cache_clear_all().
// TODO, is this more efficient that a foreach? The resulting IN() SQL might not use indexes efficiently.
cache_clear_all($urls, 'cache_page');

What would I need to change to make it work with Authcache?

Thank you in advance.


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probably worth taking a look at the authcache_actions module which (I believe) already offers this functionality based on Rules.

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Thanks simg. I will take a look at it. The request still stands as this would be a great feature for Authcache.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Problem is partially solved.

I installed the Authcache Actions module and created the following rule:
Event "Before saving content" + Actions "clear cache by path [node:url]" , "clear cache by path [node:edit-url]" and "clear cache by path [site:url] , however I still need one more rule.
As all content is tagged with at least 1 taxonomy term I would need another rule to expire taxonomy term pages also.
With Authcache Actions I don`t have the option to clear them.
Any suggestions?


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I doubt there's a ready made module that will solve this problem.

Maybe talk nicely (or offer money :) ) to the author of the Authcache_Actions module ?

If Authcache_Actions provided an action which allowed you to clear the cache for any term pages associated with a node, that would solve your problem ?

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Yes. That would solve the problem.
I have created a support request in the Authcache Actions queue, maybe the author will help me solve the problem.
I will also look at the cache expire module and see if I can get it to work with authcache as the module provides everything I need.

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