When adding Bean as a dependency to my installation profile in an attempt to replace our initial Boxes setup. The time for installation nearly doubles from 410 seconds to over 1000. At first I thought this was maybe a problem with Entity Translation so disabled that but problem persists. Just removing Bean as a dependency and my installation time with Drush Make returns to normal.

Thinking this was a problem with my distribution I also tested Bean on the nodestream distribution and had the same results.

Is there any additional tests I can run to figure out why the addition of Bean affects the installation performance so much?


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do you mean drush site-install?

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Yeah I get this using a drush site install. At first I thought it was because I was placing bean as a dependency in a feature but same problem also directly in the install profile.

Is this reproducible by anyone?

Elevating to bug status but feel free to switch back should be wrong to do so.

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Title: Bean doubles Installation time in Drush Make » Bean adversely affects installation time when using Drush Site-Intall

Modifying title

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maybe post the install with --debug enabled with both bean on and off? where is the extra time coming from? Maybe an extra feature_rebuild()?

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Cross linking possibly related issue: #1877942: Error when updating from rc6 to rc7 with drush

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I have just downloaded the rc7 and trying to install using drush en bean_admin_ui seems to take ages and not actually install.

bean and bean_all install fine like this but seems to be a potential issue with the admin ui module. Going to try the dev branch and see if the issue has been fixed as may be related to http://drupal.org/node/1877942#comment-6915618

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See also #1889892: bean_reset() calls menu_rebuild(), which already happens during drupal_flush_all_caches(), doubling the number of menu rebuilds could probably influence this as well...

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I don't suppose anyone has any more insight into this? Bean just outright breaks my drush si builds. (latest dev release)

Without Bean
https://travis-ci.org/wet-boew/wet-boew-drupal/builds/4510855 (13 mins)

With Bean + Bean Admin
https://travis-ci.org/wet-boew/wet-boew-drupal/builds/4511065 ( build times out)

I am at an utter loss at where to go next. I could paste an output of drush si verbose but it is just going to show from the start bean gets enabled times increase for every module getting enable thereafter.

Any suggestions or other areas to go down? Perhaps xhprof?

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Status: Active » Fixed

With RC10 I was able to install bean using drush si with bean setup a dependency in the profile info file..

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Confirmed fix! Thanks so much!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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