Hi i use the Media Gellery to view pictures and videos.

My question is where can I set the size for the image size that open in the lightbox.

The first time you click on a image, it opens, but not in the correct size size. When i close the lightbox and click again onto the image, it opens in the correct size.

1. first click

2. second click


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You can define a image-style for the lightbox, where you can set the size. By default, the media_gallery_large style is used.
Goto: Home » Administration » Configuration » Media » File types » Manage file display » Gallery lightbox

I think, that the file_entity or media module sets the width and height properties, so this change in size should not happen. So this happens only the first time, you access the image in lightbox? If you clear the cache, close the browser and open the site again, it is displayed in the correct size?

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I got the same issue (described here : http://drupal.org/node/1872726 )

are you using firefox too ? for me it works well on Chrome

I think this is about the cache, I just made a test, I flush all caches, and the issue appears again...

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any idea to fix this ?

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as this issue has no solution yet, I found this module : http://drupal.org/project/galleryformatter

It does'nt replace Media gallery, but it overwrite the display of the gallery.

Install it, and Lightbox too, and then go to : structure -> content types -> gallery -> manage display -> full, and change the display with : jquery album!

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Have tried #4 , despite being a a radically diferent option in terms of format&design
it works fine for me,

This workaround solves the issue apparently, although having side effects