calling on the community to ask if anyone knows a solution (modules, javascript or other) to limit results of a View to the sole nodes shown on a map (Gmap, Openlayers), similarly to how Airbnb map search does.

Basically, panning or zooming the map shows nodes accordingly in a View attached to it. Any hint or experience warmly appreciated! Thanks


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.. anyone?

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maybe have a look at geofields and services:
here you can find some good explanation.
It is also extendable to mobile, which is nice.
his website a bit slow:
but he has youtubechannel as well:

It was to long ago I played around with it, but it is pretty powerfull.


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probably my post was a bit convoluted, as this was not what i was looking for..

my question was:
how to code a map (gmap, openlayers,..) to "search" geo-referenced contents (es: offers, schools, other..), so that dragging/resizing the map shows details of the pertinent pinpoints dynamically in a table below?

to make an example, think about AirBnB map.


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Still no solutions ?

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Did somebody found a way to do this? Thanks