We are communiqs.com, A premium web hosting company plus a ONLY DRUPAL FAN
We have recently discussed with our commitee to launch a single , cheapest but on powerful redundant servers with 99.9% uptime plan for drupal community,
We already host 60+ site only drupal
Cheapest >>

500 mb space (enough for even a heavy drupal website) + 250mb unlimited email ids= 750mb space
5 mysql db x 50mb each

All of this @ 15$/yr >> What we seek is an exact feedback from the community regarding the same

We have just put our site off air for sometime to do a big bang!!!

Sign up url :

( We would accept the sign up done in next 48hrs to be given FREE HOSTING FOR AN YEAR..)


Our servers would be in top 10 usa datacenter for a long time trust with 24x7x365 support and only drupal , nothing else.. a commitment to the community!!
The feedback and response would be appreciated ..


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It was a typing mistake of $15/yr in base text, but even if community agrees the stuff
we can even keep it at 15$/yr..

We are feeling proud to create one of the real open source hosting company..

we would accept the feedback of community and create communiqs"drupal only" hosting !!

Bh@vin P@tel

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Drupal is DB driven, considering all content is held in the DB, I'd say 50MB of DB isn't very much.
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As we are considering the event of making communiqs a truly drupal hosting site yea .. point taken .. we would increase the data base size..

This is what we want as feedback , so as to launch the best product for the techies..around here

Bh@vin P@tel

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There are already many hosting services that offer unlimited MySQL databases with much higher than 50mb each. You might do yourself a favor by drawing up your initial thoughts for your offering and then spending time looking at what the other hosting companies are doing so you can at least match the competition. Just my 2 cents. :)

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As mentioned earlier by someone else, I should point out that Drupal benefits more from redundant DB servers more than file servers.
Secondly, many/most Drupal installers and users I know participate in the community and therefore have several production and testing Drupal installations at any one time. Currently, I use and recommend Site5 to others (sorry to mention your competitor, but you asked for the truth) because site5 not only provides lots of space, but they let me install as many instances and DBs as I want.

Are you just providing web hosting services in your Drupal plan, or do you want to provide something value-added like what Boris and his buddies at Bryght do?

Hint: Drupal.org was sluggish earlier this year because of the demand that this large site was having on the servers. If you can provide a remedy to what the problem was (niche market), then you will be able to get customers who are not just satisfied with cheap hosting, but web hosting with performance muscle - Multiple DB servers abstracted as one!

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Yes, database and mutiple instances would be the possible solution and the best one if a best performance server drive this!!
We would surely do this..

Can anyone suggest a price too if such a solution could be given ..?

bh@vin P@tel

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I've moved this post from the News and Announcements section to the Hosting companies section, which is a much more relevant section and should get more traffic there.
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We would accept the sign up done in next 48hrs to be given FREE HOSTING FOR AN YEAR.

Drupal-oriented hosting? I'd like to test it.
Is this offer still available? And if there any additional requirements and conditions?

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with some comments and suggestions coming in place , i would put people on higher ended servers with more space and database unlimited... people wait for the bang it is just coming!!
You can email me your address, i will soon setup an free account for you.

Bh@vin P@tel

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Hi Bhavan

Need clarification on pricing. Is it 15$ per year? I am looking for drupal based application hosting. Pls confirm about this.

Also let me know how many domains and sub-domains are allowed.

Thanks in advance.