I have memcahced and apc cache on my local environmental, and the only way to refresh the request is to restart apache. Is there a way to actually clear the all cache? or this is a bug.
Here are my cache settings:

$conf['cache_backends'][] = 'sites/all/modules/contrib/apc/drupal_apc_cache.inc';
$conf['cache_backends'][] = 'sites/all/modules/contrib/memcache/memcache.inc';
$conf['cache_backends'][] = 'sites/all/modules/contrib/authcache/authcache.inc';

$conf['memcache_key_prefix']         = 'mylocal';

$conf['cache_default_class']         = 'MemCacheDrupal';
$conf['cache_class_cache']           = 'DrupalAPCCache';
$conf['cache_class_cache_bootstrap'] = 'DrupalAPCCache';
//$conf['cache_class_cache_form']      = 'DrupalDatabaseCache';
$conf['cache_class_cache_session']   = 'DrupalAPCCache';

$conf['cache_class_cache_page']      = 'DrupalAPCCache';

$conf['page_cache_without_database'] = TRUE;
$conf['page_cache_invoke_hooks']     = FALSE;


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

AFAIK, this should work but the issue lies in the cache backend module you're using, not Authcache.