The current Edit module UX flow requires a user to click the Edit toolbar tab, then the "Quick edit" action link in the toolbar tray. The extra click of the "Quick edit" link is unnecessary. Edit mode can be activated simply by pressing the Edit tab in the toolbar.

Proposed resolution

  1. Eliminate the "View / Quick edit" action links in the toolbar tray.
  2. Enter edit mode when the Edit toolbar tab is clicked.

Remaining tasks


User interface changes

The Edit module will no longer have a toolbar tray, or if it does, it will contain the Save | Publish | Close actions for responding to user modifications.

API changes



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Component: Code » Accessibility
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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

This looks like a battle plan for solving #1747916: Edit mode should be activated when clicking the Edit toolbar tab (was: "(selected tab) indicator does not change on View/Edit") :) — that issue was created by Everett Zufelt at Drupalcon Munich. I've merged this issue with that one (retaining your issue summary *and* Everett's initial post). We have more followers there too, so more feedback.

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Issue tags: -a11y +accessibility