Under settings, have the following option enabled:
- Create a new alias. Delete the old alias.

I had already created URL aliases for Users, changed the pattern, and updated. Nothing. Had to delete the existing User aliases and only then did Bulk Update work.


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Did you clear your (Drupal) cache first? If so, please try to reproduce this bug from a clean install of Drupal 7.

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I ran into this same situation. I expected bulk updates of user URL aliases to update all users, but only users who are missing aliases get updated.

The problem is in user_pathauto_bulk_update_batch_process in pathauto.pathauto.inc. The query is restricted to users whose url_alias.source is NULL. You can comment out $query->isNull('ua.source'). Since the url_alias table is only joined for the WHERE, you can also comment out $query->leftJoin('url_alias', 'ua', "CONCAT('user/', u.uid) = ua.source"). (Which also makes things run waaaaaaay faster because that join on integer with a concat string is super slooooooow.)

That leaves the question: why was it this way in the first place? Why did bulk updates only hit users without an alias instead of hitting all users?

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

I s'pose there's a concern that other modules may depend on the join to url_alias (since the query is tagged for alters). You can leave the join for them. It might be wise, though, to apply the patch from here: #1415930: Use cast inside concat for better legacy MySQL performance & pgsql compliance. Change the concat to use a cast on the integer.

All that remains then is to delete line 298.

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The 'Bulk update' tab is badly named. It's actually 'Bulk generate' for new items only. You can regenerate Pathauto URL aliases using VBO or the 'Update URL alias' on admin/content or admin/people. See #1003490: Allow users to re-alias entities with the Bulk update page.

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Okey dokey. Thanks.

But hmmm. I'm still kinda stuck. If I wanna do bulk updates on hundreds or thousands of users at a time, VBO doesn't really cut it. I can only do updates to one page at a time with VBO, and that'd take forever.

Or is there some secret sauce to do all existing users all at once? If not, I'd suggest a patch that does offer a "bulk update" in addition to a "bulk generate".

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@elephant.jim: sounds like a good idea. At a minimum, the tab should be renamed to clarify its function.

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Just ran into this too. The tip in #4 to use 'Update URL alias' on admin/people did the trick.

@polskikrol The bulk update page says "Select the types of un-aliased paths for which to generate URL aliases", but I didn't read it :)

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I ran into this problem with some content. When I went to the contents, I found the "automatic generate URL" was unchecked. If I ran pathauto bulk updated and delete old aliases, I go back to unclean URLs. In order to fix this, I must go to each node and check "automatic generate URL" and NOT bulk update from pathauto itself.

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Ran into the very same issue today -- path auto allows for "deleting all aliases" (thank you, author!) but refuses to "mass create" once all aliases were lost. (Thank you, author!). Well … Despite all the good tips and what not, I went for the "Windows solution" of fixing problems:

  1. Modules::Pathauto::uncheck, then delete module.
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Modules::Pathauto::check again, set rules
  4. Clear Cache
  5. Pathauto::mass create

Voilá. Everything's back to normal. What an ordeal. Sometimes I wonder how stuff like this remains unfixed for (as it seems) more than two years.

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@nofue: The page at admin/config/search/path/update_bulk is definitely meant to regenerate new aliases for any content that does not have any aliases, which based on your description is what you needed. Did you give that a try at all?

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@nofue I'm running into the same problem while setting up my Drupal 8 site. Don't remember having this issue in Drupal 7.

UPDATE: Some of the content items had the URL alias defined in the node / edit form. That solved a lot of the problems. Still having a problem getting the date field to show up as I would like (year, month). I think in D7, it relied on the Date module, which I don't have in D8 (as I understand, not all of it is in core). Anyway, it isn't a show stopper.