I corrected a translation, but when I looked up the string, it was not marked as translated. Translating it did not change anything, still the old version appears. Even when removing the translation I still see the old translation (before correction). Is there kind of cache playing up here? How can it be cleared? How can I see the untranslated English back and put it right?


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Cache can be cleared at admin/config/development/performance with the Clear all caches button at the top.

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It was no caching issue. I don't remember exactly but it is very important what the present default language is before you translate. The default language and the original language should be equal which has to do if Drupal was installed in another language then English. Some of my sites are installed in Spanish and I should set that as the default before I try translating.

When on top of that you do content translation and when for whatever reason you have temporary changed the default language, then always remember to reset it to the install language, because that can cause problems too.