I'm trying to translate permission options in the user's profile, but one of them I can not ("HEARBEAT_NONE")
In heartbeat.module I found this code.

if ($profile) {
    $perms = array(
      <strong>HEARTBEAT_NONE => ('Never'),</strong>
      HEARTBEAT_PRIVATE => t('Only me'),
      HEARTBEAT_PUBLIC_TO_CONNECTED => t('Only my friends'),
      HEARTBEAT_PUBLIC_TO_ALL => t('Everyone'),
  else  {
    $perms = array(
      HEARTBEAT_PRIVATE => t('Only the user himself is allowed to see this message'),
      HEARTBEAT_PUBLIC_TO_ADDRESSEE => t('Only the user himself and the addressee are allowed to see this message'),
      HEARTBEAT_PUBLIC_TO_CONNECTED => t('Only user and relations are allowed to see this message'),
      HEARTBEAT_PUBLIC_TO_ALL => t('Everyone can see this message'),

I think it would be

HEARTBEAT_NONE => t('Never'),

What do you think??