Was seeing a whole lot of: Expired <em class="placeholder"></em> stale files from static page cache. in my logs coming from http://default/index.php on cron runs.

Did a small amount of debugging; turns out $_boost['base_dir'] in boost_cron() was returning a value of path/to/boost/normal/default, but Boost was saving off cached files in path/to/boost/normal/www.example.com.

I was able to get around the problem by manually setting the $base_url to http://www.example.com in settings.php.


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Could I just clarify something. So boost is saving in the folder cache/normal/www.example.com but you are saying that if the base_url is not set in settings.php then cron is using "default" as a base_url and trying to clean non-existent files ? Is your installation a multi-domain set up because mine is and I haven't got a single base_url set anywhere :-)

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That's correct. And my installation is not a multi-domain setup.