Release info

Created by: JohnNoc
Created on: November 26, 2012 - 05:17
Last updated: November 26, 2012 - 05:17
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • Added inc/ Support for creating sub-themes via Drush.
  • Changed subwork to CustomWork
    • Moved and renamed subwork/ to CustomWork/
    • Moved subwork/css/local.css to CustomWork/css/local.css
    • Moved subwork/favicon.ico to CustomWork/favicon.ico
    • Moved subwork/logo.png to CustomWork/logo.png
    • Moved subwork/screenshot.png to CustomWork/screenshot.png
  • Added CustomWork/template.php
  • Added CustomWork/theme-settings.php
  • Moved groundwork/groundwork to groundwork as this is causing an error in updating the theme via UI (Update Manager)
    • Moved groundwork/css/formalize.css to css/formalize.css
    • Moved groundwork/css/groundwork.css to css/groundwork.css
    • Moved groundwork/css/html-elements.css to css/html-elements.css
    • Moved groundwork/css/layout.css to css/layout.css
    • Moved groundwork/css/local-blank.css to css/local-blank.css
    • Moved groundwork/css/reset.css to css/reset.css
    • Moved groundwork/favicon.ico to favicon.ico
    • Moved groundwork/ to
    • Moved groundwork/ to
    • Moved groundwork/images/block-login.png to images/block-login.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/button.png to images/button.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/grid-block.png to images/grid-block.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/grid.png to images/grid.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/help.png to images/help.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/icon-password.png to images/icon-password.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/icon-search.png to images/icon-search.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/icon-user.png to images/icon-user.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/menu-leaf.png to images/menu-leaf.png
    • Moved groundwork/images/select_arrow.gif to images/select_arrow.gif
    • Moved groundwork/images/warning.png to images/warning.png
    • Moved groundwork/inc/ to inc/
    • Moved groundwork/inc/ to inc/
    • Moved groundwork/inc/ to inc/
    • Moved groundwork/js/jquery.formalize.min.js to js/jquery.formalize.min.js
    • Moved groundwork/logo.png to logo.png
    • Moved groundwork/screenshot.png to screenshot.png
    • Moved groundwork/template.php to template.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/block--menu.tpl.php to templates/block--menu.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/block.tpl.php to templates/block.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/comment-wrapper.tpl.php to templates/comment-wrapper.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/comment.tpl.php to templates/comment.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/html.tpl.php to templates/html.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/maintenance-page.tpl.php to templates/maintenance-page.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/node.tpl.php to templates/node.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/page.tpl.php to templates/page.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/region.tpl.php to templates/region.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/templates/search-result.tpl.php to templates/search-result.tpl.php
    • Moved groundwork/theme-settings.php to theme-settings.php
  • Added support for Admin Menu
  • Updated README.txt