These features were working in the past, I only noted them failing for the first time today. If I attempt to add media to a gallery page it stays greyed out (as though a blank overlay were covering it) and it just hangs. If I try to edit a gallery I get a 500 server error. I can, however call up a "multiedit" page by attempting to edit the media already on a page, and that seems to work. This behavior is consistent across multiple different sites on a multi-site Drupal 7 installation. I've tried going to one of the sites, disabling Media Gallery and then re-enabling it and that has no effect. The permissions on the files folder for uploading media are correct, and indeed have not been changed.

Does this behavior ring any bells? Could it be a server issue? It's a shared server on a Hostmonster account so my access is limited, but a perusal of what logs are available via cpanel turned up nothing linked to my IP address.


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Another data point. The files actually do get uploaded during an add media attempt, they just never show on the gallery. Also, if I try to add media from the Library I get a "Error getting media." popup.

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Okay, I found the correct error logs, and it's a PHP problem that seems to go back to the media module. Here's what the error log shows:

[25-Nov-2012 18:43:12] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function file_info_file_types() in /home2/spinland/public_html/drupal7/sites/all/modules/media/media.module on line 1063

I've checked, and the media module is right where it's always been, and the file_entity folder is still there. I uploaded fresh copies just to make sure nothing somehow got deleted. I've tried disabling several modules and re-enabling them on one of the affected sites but I can't actually disable media or file entity and I don't know what else I can do to get this thing working again. Is there a configuration or something I can try? I'm way past my knowledge base here.

Many thanks in advance!

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Status: Active » Fixed

It seems, you were able to fix it?

We are working on a 2.x branch to be compatible with media 2.x.

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