We just disabled the Parent module, but didn't disable the children modules. It's pretty standard in Drupal to force someone to disable the dependent modules first before disabling the core module.


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Could you explain which "Parent" and "Children" modules you are referring to ? mongodb_block and mongodb_watchdog, at least, include mongodb in their dependencies.

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I could disable the mongodb module while still having the other sub-modules enabled.

There are a bunch of modules included within mongodb and that's all I was talking about.

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This should not happen for some of them, so there's definitely a bug:

  • mongodb_block: dependency declared
  • mongodb_block_ui: indirect dependency via mongodb_block declared
  • mongodb_cache: no dependency. The module is not actually dependent, since it is empty, all the code being in a cache plugin, for which the dependency mechanism does not apply
  • mongodb_field_storage: dependency declared
  • mongodb_migrate: indirect dependency via mongodb_field_storage declared
  • mongodb_queue: dependency not declared, but real (mongodb() calls): BUG
  • mongodb_session: dependency not declared, but real (mongodb_collection() call): BUG
  • mongodb_watchdog: dependency declared.

Are the modules to which you reference one of the two in which this dependency bug is identified (queue, session), or did you have the problem with one of those for which the dependency is supposed to be correct ?

Core does not offer a way to handle dependencies for plugins on D7 anyway (cache, session, queue).

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I couldn't enable block & block ui. I enabled all of the others. Then I disabled MongoDB. All of the others remained enabled and I was not prompted to remove any of the others.

Generally with other modules with dependencies it is greyed out so I wouldn't even be given the option to disable the main MongoDB module while any of the other modules are enabled.

  • fgm committed 41bea41 on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1849634 by fgm: Declared missing dependencies.
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After checking, some of these dependencies were still missing, so I just added them. MongoDB Block/Block UI appear to be so peculiar they need their own specific undocumented setup procedure to be usable, so I would say this is unrelated.

Committed to 7.x-1.x, thanks for the report.

  • fgm committed ea02ffc on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1849634 by fgm: Fixed incorrectly declared dependencies.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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