Is there any way I can translate Commons 3 now so that e.g. a Danish version is available when it's released?

It seems only deals with full releases :-(


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Same for Italian.
Let us know the best way to help for Commons's localization

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Status: Active » Fixed parses alpha and beta releases, so you can start translating Drupal Commons 7.x now: . Also, you can start translating a lot of the contributed modules that Commons use (like Organic groups and so on).

Most of the Commons helper modules look like they don't have any releases yet, so those have to wait until there's at least alpha releases.

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Status: Fixed » Needs work

zirvap: thanks for the info, you are right of course that we can look at the many contrib modules and make sure they are translated (the list for alpha2 is here).

However, all the related Commons projects listed on the main project page have no releases, so cannot be translated.

Also, I'm not sure which 7.x-3.0-alpha2 release to select from the translation link you provided - there are 3. I assume they are related to the core, no-core and makefile-only releases, but which ones do we need to make sure are translated? And how do we figure that out on the translation page?

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

However, all the related Commons projects listed on the main project page have no releases, so cannot be translated.

I think it would be extremely difficult to change how handles projects without releases, so the simplest way to get these translatable will be to help them get releases.

Regarding the three releases, you are right - see #1261810: built distributions have multiple release copies on You'll probably want to get all strings translated, so if you go for one of the huge ones (core or makefile) you'll get all strings. A translation of a string isn't linked to a specific project, so if you translate for instance Log in to post comments it will be translated for all projects which use it -- it doesn't matter what the filter at the top of translation page said when you translated it.

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Thanks for the elaboration, zirvap. I gather now that one of the three is for the actual install profile definition, since it contains only a few strings. The other two are for core and no-core, respectively and both contain appx. 3200 untranslated strings (for Danish). It's the same number, because Core is fully translated in Danish, I think.

And those strings are untranslated across all projects included in the alpha2-release, and as such they should all benefit independently if I translate it all. Cool! 8-)

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