Documenting a problem and fix...

I applied the updates per the site status report. Nivo Slider was upgraded from 1.x to 2.x. Now, the home page of my julio site is a mess.

The fix was to go to /admin/config/media/media-nivo-slider/edit/2 (the home page slideshow) and change the slideshow style from "none" to "julio_slideshow". It appears that Nivo's update reset this value.


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Julio ships with the modules it does because we have tested those versions. Unfortunately this is a bit confusing with the drupal status update page. If you upgrade any of the included modules, especially when it is a complete version jump you are likely to encounter issues. Having said that it is best practice to stay up to date with security updates, but you may still encounter issues if we have not had the time to adequately test any updates.

We are tracking progress for this here; #1679904: update media-nivo-slider to recommended 2.0 release