Status message - Your Drupal CMS specialists from Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

As 10th Organizational German member of the Drupal Association ever, we offer long term Drupal related knowledge in Drupal CMS planning, development and execution. We're loving it to handle small just as big Drupal projects, providing individual Drupal Workshops and Training. Mobile Development and Responsive Designs are two of our key disciplines.
Pre-calculate your Drupal project transparently on our website: and find what you're really looking for.
Furthermore you may want to have a look at our credentials at: and here on! is the department of Drupal CMS development at webks: websolutions kept simple - webks GmbH

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Deutsche Beschreibung - Ihre Drupal CMS Spezialisten aus Ostwestfalen Lippe.

Als 10. Mitglied der ersten Deutschen Drupal Organization Members überhaupt bieten wir Ihnen langjährige Erfahrung in Planung, Entwicklung und Durchführung von sowohl großen als auch kleinen Drupal CMS Projekten sowie Drupal Schulungen und Mobile Development.
Kalkulieren Sie Ihre Drupal Projekte transparent anhand unserer Leistungen & Lösungspakete auf und werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere aussagekräftigen Referenzen unter: und hier auf! ist der Fachbereich Drupal CMS Entwicklung von webks: websolutions kept simple - webks GmbH

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Drupal contributions

We give our very best, more and more to give back whatever we can to the Drupal Community. We and our employees have contributed to hundreds of issues, reported and fixed bugs and not at least are actively developing the following modules and others on

Furthermore our Company owner is very involved in German Translation team, currently Rank 7 in the Top German translators. Not at least we're on rank 10 of first German Drupal Association Members ever.

Thank you so much, we're very proud to be part of the Drupal Community.

Projects supported

Permissions DragCheck (faster permission checkbox selection), breakpoints_extra, DROWL Media, DROWL Header Slides, jquery.sumoselect / selectr integration, DROWL Paragraphs, Simple Megamenu Bonus, Content Access Booster, Mail Copy, DROWL Trademark, DROWL word no linebreak (white-space:nowrap at runtime), File Force Download Imagecache, Commerce Line Item Debitentry, Commerce VAT Line Item Value, DROWL A/B-Testing Global (for Google Analytics Experiments), Rules JS (execute JavaScript action), Views comment pid, Commerce Payment Edit, views_ctools_dropdown, Turn.js Magazines, Views Menu Reference, Colorbox Swipe Gestures Support, Commerce Simplenews Checkout integration, Prevent JS alerts, Commerce Recurring Framework Bonus, Commerce Billy Mail, Stickynote Bonus, Zoomify Image Inpage Link, Lightbox2 Swipe Gestures Support, Media Pane, jQuery webks Responsive Table, jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget, Userpoints Flag, JQuery Loadinganimation, Nodetype Info Tab, Production Check: No Preprocessing-Warning, Views Node Options Icons, CCK Featurelist Field

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months


We're providing individual Drupal CMS trainings for your custom needs.
Tranings can take place in your company and may contain practical just as theoretical components. Demonstrations or proof-of-concept workshops are possible. Just as you like!

One-day trainings start at a cost of € 800,- plus taxes, travel and expense. More-day trainigs and workshops are also possible. Prior to execution you will receive a personal telephone counseling.

Find out more at:

German Description

Wir bieten Ihnen individuelle Drupal CMS Trainings, zugeschnitten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse.
Trainings können direkt in Ihrem Unternehmen durchgeführt werden und sowohl praktische Bestandteile als auch Demonstrationen und Proof-of-Concepts beinhalten. Ganz wie Sie es wünschen!

Ein-Tages Trainings beginnen bei einem Preis von € 800,-, zzgl. Anfahrt und Spesen. Mehrtägige Schulungen und Workshops sind ebenfalls möglich. Vorab erhalten Sie eine persönliche telefonische Beratung.
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