How to add social sign-on to my Drupal site? Please let me know tutorials that can help or if there is a good module available for that.


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It's very easy to get social sign-on on drupal site..thanks to this plugin (, I was able to integrate Social ID providers like facebook, twitter, google and others very easily. Also, they capture authenticated User data which is very difficult to get now a days. I would recommend it all the drupal websites

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What is the best social integration module or plugin for login, sharing, invite friends and user profile data for a Drupal site?

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Hi there. I recommend you check out the social media module in the link below. It allows you to share content on your page via social networks(facebook, twitter, google+, etc.) and it also can log the number of people that like your page on facebook and twitter. After you install this, I do recommend you install the widget module to create the social media icons on your website.

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I tried and it worked perfectly for me. Thanks for such a good suggestion