Thank you for this very helpful module.

I would like to have the following behaviour but if this is supported, I didn't manage to configure in this way so far :

The condition would be a value ((OR) any of X checkbox values set)

In the edit context form, i would like that the dependent field is always visible

In the view context, i would like that the dependent is invisible if the dependee has any of the value set under the condition.

Can you tell me if this is supported and missing something ? thanks


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

well, I finally found how to do this:

- in edit context settings :
form state: unchanged

-in view context
select the box
"Hide the dependent if the dependency is not triggered "

then I just had to revert my conditions values to match the expected behaviour.
I didn't get it directly because I was looking for the opposite :
"Show the dependent only if the dependency is triggered "

hope it helps others

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active

I would like to reopen the discussion because the form state: unchanged
in edit context settings doesn't fully solve the issue.

The field stays visible but I can't modify its value when the form state is "unchanged"

I would like a setting for the "form state" in edit context that is "editable" whatever the condition...
Indeed, the objective of the condition in my case is only to control the view settings, not the edit settings

Thanks for any suggestion