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Magic Logix is a Dallas, Texas based integrated marketing agency that provides a full spectrum of customized digital solutions for clients in all industries, worldwide. Magic Logix relies on agile development that allows us to adapt for new technology and priorities throughout your project. Magic Logix creates and develops cross-functional solutions that are most logical for each client’s unique environment, giving them a customer base that expands right before their very eyes.

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Responsive display centers under Admin Menu:
Panopoly Magic breaks Panels i18n:
How can i display perent menu items when im in child link:
views exposed filter - AJAX only works in FF, not in chrome or IE:
Reason for creation of new blank text box every time content edited:
How can I control multiple views (blocks on a page) with one exposed filter?:
Using an exposed filter for a field using multiple field settings:


Magic Logix provides onsite and offsite training to utilize a standardized and proven approach to learning Drupal. We work with professional developers who need to learn Drupal and with non-developers who want to learn how to build Drupal sites while utilizing the best practices and live demos.