Hi all,

I've gone through the process of creating a user-profile.tpl.php page, loaded the account id and pulled in the profile from there, but it doesn't load comments. Does anyone have any idea how I can pull the full node in to the account homepage?

I'd much appreciate any direction. Thanks guys!



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Hey guys,

I managed to fix this myself, after digging around in the $account variable on user-profile.tpl.php. I thought I'd at least help anyone else with the same issue.

Using the node at http://drupal.org/node/1724124, I embedded the profile using this:

print $account->content['content_profile']['content_profile_member_profile']['#children'];

I then displayed the comments below in a view.

You need to rename content_profile_member_profile to content_profile_[CONTENT PROFILE CONTENT TYPE]. Good luck!