Using ESI with Nginx (Barracuda 2.0.4 stable) - how to see if this module is working? Or are there needed any other configurations in Drupal/Nginx to make it working, or is it just enough to enable module?

Btw, because this module is included with Barracuda - its usage is much higher than it is shown in module page.


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Title: How to see if ESI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir. » How to see if ESI SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.

subject chage, as there is SSI in Nginx

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Title: How to see if ESI SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir. » How to see if ESI / SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.
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Is there anyone, to explain, plz?

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Project: ESI: Edge Side Includes » Octopus
Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev
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While old, this likely belongs in one of the BOA queues. Let's start with Octopus since ESI is an o_contrib* module...

Sad to say, I honestly don't know a good way to validate that ESI/SSI is working. It is definitely integrated into BOA, and has been since (at least) BOA-2.0.3 -- https://github.com/omega8cc/nginx-for-drupal/blob/master/aegir/conf/ngin...

Downgrading to 'Normal' as well -- see Priority levels of issues and the note about choosing the right priorities.

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I opened this ticket as still have seen no valid (or at least simple enough) instruction or "tutorial" to get ESI working on BOA.
Of course it is not a bug, but ESI itself could be a massive performance improvement is some scenarios

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Edit: have not seen valid/simple ESI examples for any Drupal installation - BOA or not

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I just opened a probable BOA bug are ESI/SSI integration -- see #2175197: regex configuration not matching esi/ssi tags.

If you're looking to test ESI integration, esi_block is a simple way to test. Here is a rundown in D7 (not BOA specific):
1. drush en esi esi_block -y
2. browse to your blocks (/admin/structure/block)
3. pick one and configure it
4. go down to 'ESI settings', check 'Enable ESI', and save
5. view a page where the block is visible and check your page source
6. where the block should render you'll see an esi: tag

For the current status of BOA, I expect that in the browser your Drupal output will be empty. Also, if you browse to the src of your new esi tag, you'll likely see a 404 not found page instead of the cached block contents.

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I do not have non BOA web server today at hand, so will check this later. Btw mrP, I am trying to solve page load times for registered users - they are ok, but speed is never enough: which of less known but simple and working tricks (on BOA) you use/recommend?

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