Using ESI with Nginx (Barracuda 2.0.4 stable) - how to see if this module is working? Or are there needed any other configurations in Drupal/Nginx to make it working, or is it just enough to enable module?

Btw, because this module is included with Barracuda - its usage is much higher than it is shown in module page.


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Title:How to see if ESI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.» How to see if ESI SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.

subject chage, as there is SSI in Nginx

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Title:How to see if ESI SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.» How to see if ESI / SSI is working? Nginx on BOA Aegir.
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Is there anyone, to explain, plz?

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Project:ESI: Edge Side Includes» Octopus
Version:7.x-3.x-dev» 6.x-2.x-dev
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While old, this likely belongs in one of the BOA queues. Let's start with Octopus since ESI is an o_contrib* module...

Sad to say, I honestly don't know a good way to validate that ESI/SSI is working. It is definitely integrated into BOA, and has been since (at least) BOA-2.0.3 -- https://github.com/omega8cc/nginx-for-drupal/blob/master/aegir/conf/ngin...

Downgrading to 'Normal' as well -- see Priority levels of issues and the note about choosing the right priorities.

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I opened this ticket as still have seen no valid (or at least simple enough) instruction or "tutorial" to get ESI working on BOA.
Of course it is not a bug, but ESI itself could be a massive performance improvement is some scenarios

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Edit: have not seen valid/simple ESI examples for any Drupal installation - BOA or not

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I just opened a probable BOA bug are ESI/SSI integration -- see #2175197: regex configuration not matching esi/ssi tags.

If you're looking to test ESI integration, esi_block is a simple way to test. Here is a rundown in D7 (not BOA specific):
1. drush en esi esi_block -y
2. browse to your blocks (/admin/structure/block)
3. pick one and configure it
4. go down to 'ESI settings', check 'Enable ESI', and save
5. view a page where the block is visible and check your page source
6. where the block should render you'll see an esi: tag

For the current status of BOA, I expect that in the browser your Drupal output will be empty. Also, if you browse to the src of your new esi tag, you'll likely see a 404 not found page instead of the cached block contents.

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I do not have non BOA web server today at hand, so will check this later. Btw mrP, I am trying to solve page load times for registered users - they are ok, but speed is never enough: which of less known but simple and working tricks (on BOA) you use/recommend?

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