hey there,

I created a view whose arguments are year and month, for nodes to be sorted according to their publication date:


month is never supposed to show up on the breadcrumb, since it's the last argument. year, however, may or may not show.

address: example.com/news/2012/10
breadcrumb: home > news > 2012

address: example.com/news/2012
breadcrumb: home > news

breadcrumb titles breadcrumb addresses
Home <front>
News news
[current-page:url:args:value:1] news/[current-page:url:args:value:1]

however, there's not an option to hide the last breadcrumb. is it feasible?


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more info on breadcrumb settings.

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... okay, maybe not the most popular issue around.

anyway, here's a patch. apply and run update.php to take effect.

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forgot to assign...

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removed empty line at the bottom of the table.