First of all thank you for this great module, it worked right out of the box.
I am trying to use this module in a specific scenario where i want to show 5 slideshows next to each other, each working on the same view but with a different display.
Project am working on can be viewed here to illustrate..

Here's how I approached this so far.. not sure if this is the right way tho..
I made a view called homeImages , secondly I created 5 display's for this view each with its own transition style ( see example) this works fine. I created a panel with 5 columns and added each display to a specified column. How can I make sure that no image is displayed at the same time.. I can't figure out how to acomplish this. I can set the transition for each display to random.. but this will not guarantee a unique image per display.. Furthermore I was wondering if there is a way to randomize the transitiontype per display.

Any help would be appreciated... thanx


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oh that is complicated... custom some JavaScript wizardry need for sure. Re-open if still an issue.