With CTools 6.x-3.10 the API version is increased to 1.9. Even the latest Panels Dev requires API version 1.8. Could I safely increase it to 1.9 or are there more fixes to be done?


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The API requirement should just be a minimum, not a solid "it must be this version" requirement.

Can you be more specific about what doesn't work?

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Well, I get this message and my home page (the only panels page I use) is gone:

Panels is enabled but CTools is out of date. All Panels modules are disabled until CTools is updated. See the status page for more information.

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I'm not the only person with this problem:

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I've doublechecked the code, and it's doing a version_compare using the version passed as a minimum.

This is working on our dev sites, too, so there is something particularly strange going on.

If you have a site running where you can replicate this, would it be possible for you to add some debug messages to the function ctools_api_version() in ctools.module and see what, exactly, the data is and what is failing?

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Any developments on this? Would love to update this _wonderful_ module but certainly don't want to break Panels!

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