this message is displayed when i tried to write a comment in a post:

MessageNotifyException: Field field_message_rendered_subject does not exist. in MessageNotifierBase->postSend() (line 123 of /Users/gnuget/Projects/drupal_development/commons-7.x-3.x/profiles/commons/modules/contrib/message_notify/plugins/notifier/

I also attach a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 2.57.15 AM.png59.27 KBgnuget
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I will provide a temporary fix.
I need a little feedback for upload a final patch

In the file commons_notify.module at the line 72 comment this line:

message_notify_send_message($message, $options);

and now all should work fine.

The bug is in:

// Let message-notify deliver the email.
    // We pass in the options the field names, that will be used to capture
    // the rendered message, and provide an email log.
    $options = array(
      'rendered fields' => array(
        'message_notify_email_subject' => 'field_message_rendered_subject',      'message_notify_email_body' => 'field_message_rendered_body',

Seems to the field: field_message_rendered_subject and field_message_rendered_body doesn't exists.

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Thanks for the investigation here, gnuget!

I suggest disabling commons_notify for now - It will be deprecated in part or in whole by Message_Subscribe over at #1834946: Implement email notifications & UI with Message Subscribe.

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.