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MD5: fdea780e2defcbe0eb467e52726d10d3
SHA-1: 437758d2440f48f578a77312b686345b80dda353
SHA-256: df8cc8b7198cfec9de6dafcab6fa2a6b41613b59b44ea2cc18a67484ccea6385
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MD5: 96fb7cb4801694cecf293f0a0b85c9a3
SHA-1: 5397c6ab3b1c43afaae0bc34431a5340ddeb3fb3
SHA-256: 83ba2bcd624a56bd46a06beb1a193794cfae7701beb6de25d2584739c84a17a3
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/og:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: amitaibu
Created on: 18 Nov 2012 at 09:31 UTC
Last updated: 18 Nov 2012 at 09:37 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.0-beta2:

  • #1833486 by mikeryan: Class registration for Migrate 2.5 or later.
  • #1811408 by gdl: Added Support bulkRollback in og_membership() Migrate destination.
  • #1800964 by nagy.balint: Fixed Importing roles at og permissions feature revert causes an error.
  • #1648098 by jhedstrom, spotzero: Added views relationship from nodes/content to the og_membership() group.
  • #1835380 by nagwani | jhr: Fix Typo in OG widget.
  • #1794950 by alesr: OG UI: UX improvement on OG roles and permissions overview config pages.
  • #1799520 by Amitaibu: Don't show 'state' and 'field name' when adding a new user.
  • og_handler_field_group_permissions::pre_render() should be compatible with that of views_handler_field::pre_render().
  • Use the new entityreference_autocomplete_callback_get_matches() to remove code duplication.
  • #1812152 follow-up by ezheidtmann: Fixed #other_groups_ids() isn't calculated correctly causing association with wrong groups.
  • Remove old og-migrate plugins, and non-upgraded OGUR plugins.
  • #1816752 by ezheidtmann, Amitaibu: Fixed Users can add content to groups where they don't have 'create content' permission.
  • #1815100 by Amitaibu: Add static cache to og_context().
  • #1812152 by Amitaibu | ezheidtmann: Fixed 'other_groups_ids' value in OG reference widget, when entity is new.
  • Global user was missing in og_group().
  • #1797088 by Amitaibu, ezheidtmann: Fixed Users with 'update own content' but without 'create content' are allowed to create content.
  • #1795166 by Amitaibu: Fixed Improve Migration query to solve various errors.
  • #1760982 by Nephele: Fix custom roles are lost in 7200 migration.
  • #1795166 by Amitaibu | Nephele: Fixed Migration skips large parts of the og_membership() table.
  • Return FALSE, is no context exists in Views default handler -- get_argument().
  • #1795718 by Amitaibu | alesr: Fixed WSOD when og_ui_field_formatter_view() is called on orphaned group-content.
  • #1794964 followup: More og_query_og_membership_alter() fixes for when entity-type != base-table.
  • #1794964 by Amitaibu | Crell: Fixed og_query_og_membership_alter() incompatible with non-node entities without revision table.
  • #1794994 by Gergely Lekli: Fixed Error when trying to leave group as group owner.
  • #1794768 by smichel: Add rollback for migrated group memberships.
  • #1792570 by Amitaibu: Allow skipping OgBehaviorHandler, to allow og_group() inside hook_entity_presave(), by setting $entity->skip_og_membership = TRUE;
  • #1788748 reported by spouilly: Fixed Fatal error when trying to edit user account when both og and i18n_fields() are installed.
  • #1774348 by Amitaibu | Nephele: Fixed og_migrate() is triggering error 'Attempt to create a field with a name longer than 32 characters'.
  • #1791044 reported by KarenS: og_get_og_membership_properties() returns wrong values when querying multiple entity types.
  • #1790490 by wundo: Fixed Doxygen error in og_group() documentation.
  • #1789628 by wundo: Fixed Typo in og_get_default_roles() documentation.
  • #1775568 by Amitaibu | wimberb: Fixed Group members viewing unpublished content.
  • Delete OG related fields on uninstall.
  • Remove og_needs_migrate() function, as we now use Migrate module.


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