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Last updated on
November 22, 2016 - 11:22

How to use Block Title Link:

  1. Install the Block Title Link module the usual way at admin/build/modules.
  2. Navigate to the block configuration page of the block requiring a link in the title.
  3. Within the block title link settings fieldset enter at least the 'Title Path' for a link to be created. Ensure the 'Display Link' checkbox is checked to render the link.

How to alter panel block titles:

Place the following in your template.php

 * This provides block titlelink functionality to panels
function mytheme_preprocess_panels_pane(&$vars, &$pane) {
  if($vars['pane']->type == "block") {
    $subtype = $vars['pane']->subtype;
    $bt_delta = 'block_titlelink_' . preg_replace('/\-/', '_', $subtype, 1);
    $bt_vars = variable_get($bt_delta);
    if(!empty($bt_vars) && !empty($bt_vars['url']) && !empty($bt_vars['display'])) {
      $vars['title'] = l($vars['title'], $bt_vars['url'], array('html' => true));

Using Block Link Title with Menu Blocks:

If you use Menu Blocks and Block Title Link and wish to have your menu block title link to itself use the following:

Title Path: [current-page:url:args:first]