I have exposed filters with a lot of filters user can use. After selecting reset button website crashes with too many redirects error.
I don't use ajax.

You can see example of view here:

Reset button is hidden, don' allow users to crash website.


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That's a problem of an update to drupal 7.17. You can check out the views dev version, because it is fixed there.

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Can confirm the latest --dev version of Views does fix this (still running VBO 3.0 stable).

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Status: Active » Fixed


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Any idea when a 7.x-3.6 might be coming to fix this?

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You know, there is always a trade-off between a) people which require this bugfix and can't use the dev version and b) the amount of people which would have to update. Just imagine 100k people to update their drupal module.

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Yeah I understand.
I wasn't having a go at you, just wanted to know if it was on the horizon or not.
If there isn't one coming soon I'm more than happy to use the dev version.

This will affect a lot of people though so you might end up with a bunch if issues in the queue about it.
People don't have to do the update if they don't want.
Drupal core updates more regularly and has more sites using it.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.