I have html5tools module enabled.
In views when configuring Style settings/Customize field, only old HTML elements are available:
<select id="edit-options-element-type" name="options[element_type]" class="form-select"><option value="" selected="selected">- Use default -</option><option value="0">- None -</option><option value="div">DIV</option><option value="span">SPAN</option><option value="h1">H1</option><option value="h2">H2</option><option value="h3">H3</option><option value="h4">H4</option><option value="h5">H5</option><option value="h6">H6</option><option value="p">P</option><option value="strong">STRONG</option><option value="em">EM</option></select>

I would appreciate if HTML5 Tools would replace this select too, so it would be like on the Field UI forms.


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We already do that.

If you go in the settings page there is an option to enable new elements in the views ui.

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