I was trying to do install as instructed by PDF, however got stuck on third step:

ERROR:  Error installing compass-aurora:
	toolkit requires compass (>= 0.13.alpha.0, runtime)

Is it really needed?

I have SASS 3.2.3 and Compass 0.12.2 which are latest versions.


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Although I would like that maintainers answer here (and possibly include this in documentation) I will declare it self resolved.

The thing is that in order to install properly, you have to do it sudo way or it will refuse to install and throw some error.

$ gem install compass-aurora
Fetching: compass-0.13.alpha.0.gem (100%)
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
    You don't have write permissions into the /usr/bin directory.


sudo gem install compass-aurora
Successfully installed compass-aurora-1.0.2
10 gems installed

If you are using some shared hosting (like Dreamhost) you cannot sudo but you can ask politely to use pre-release version of compass and then ask for aurora toolkit like this:

$ gem install compass --pre
Successfully installed compass-0.13.alpha.0
1 gem installed

$ gem install compass-aurora
Successfully installed toolkit-
Successfully installed sassy-buttons-0.1.4
Successfully installed compass-normalize-1.4.1
Successfully installed compass-aurora-1.0.2
4 gems installed

Just in case if you are wondering if you have everything needed, you can check what was installed this way $ gem q --local

Aurora is amazing beast, I am still thinking if I can afford myself not to learn it. Will I salute nice PDF manual (but offer direct link to download PDF on main page, do not force iTunes), it could actually be more informative on inner workings with examples. I'd also suggest that you should include one sensible defaults CSS style that gives beautiful out-of-the-box experience. Technical excellence is to be praised but appearance also counts (remember Steve Jobs?). Having bare startkit for pros and another fancied for beginners would be more than nice. Just include separate classy-style.css that will give that good typography and other CSS defaults for Drupal, pros would find it easy to remove if needed (something like Bootstrap or Foundation appearance).

Strong suggestion: please consider to include on project page this blog post from Four kitchens about their sub theme Corona (not for the faint of heart).