Is there any documentation on how to use this module with D7 and whether is it ready or not? I do not see any on the project page.


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The only D7 specific documentation is in the README. Much of the D6 documentation will (should) still be valid?

(Anyone wanting to volunteer to updates the docs would be very welcome)

As for whether it's "ready", I would say so. I'm using it on a production (though not business critical) site and it seems to work fine. I'm relying on you to test it. I don't seem to be getting (m)any bug reports.

I'm loathed to create a version 1.0 release because I'd like the module to be used with caution. It requires planning and understanding of the implications of authenticated user caching and having a version 1.0 seems to suggest you can just enable it and have everything work without a second thought.

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I can appreciate your sensitivity to releasing a version 1.0, but can I request a 7.x-1.0-rc1 (or similar) release under Recommended releases instead of Development releases if the module is really production ready.

I request this because I would like to see the user base increase so as to find bugs quicker. When there is no recommended release it drives people away from using the module.

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orbmantell, hmm I see your point. will see what I can do.

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Hi maintainers,

I´m very new to the Drupal community, and to Drupal in general. I´m a Java developer working now on Drupal projects, and my current project would like to use the Authcache. My group already used this module in D6 with success, but now we are starting a new D7 project.

Now we are worried, because this module hasn´t a official version for D7, but at the same time seems to have little to do to reach this stage. The client is strict in only use modules which are stable and ready for production usage.

I would like to add my vote on the importance to keep this module, and I´m ready to dedicate some time to write documentation and/or code, but I feel I need some directions in how to do so. I already checked out the code and I´m working to put the authcache-example module up and running, but anyway, I would like to know what I can do to help this module to reach the stable status?

Thank you, and keep the good work!

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Thanks Fabio, any help you want to offer would be much appreciated.

If you have a client willing to pay you for working on this, so much the better. I'm not getting paid by anyone for my work on this module, hence the lack of progress as I've been prioritising paying work ...

I think a D7 production release will be created in the next few days

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1.0 release is now available.

I would still advise caution and testing however.

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