Hoping someone has encountered this before. The forum path url path is picking up a relative path somewhere. The main menu selection is showing correct link 'forum'. But if you click on a content or panel page or other url the menu link picks up that and appends. So if I am at site home page the link is correct and works but if I click on 'forum' link from content/somepage the 'forum' link in main menu changes to content/forums. If I am in forums at the main 'forum' page the link is correct but if you drill down in the forums it will pick up the base url from that link. So at forums/someforum the link changes to forums/forum. If I am on a blogs page the link changes to blogs/forum. The 'forum' url link is the only link doing this.

It is not a menu issue as I have changed the url to 'contact' in that menu item link and it stays 'contact' no matter what site url I am at. Only when 'forum' is the menu link does it change

The breadcrumbs in forum also show this at 'forums' breadcrumb link.
The breadcrumb Home>Forums>Forum Container>Forum Name>Forum Post
Actual url is site/forum/somepost
'Forums' in breadcrumb will link to forum/forum

The breadcrumbs in forum also show this at 'forums' breadcrumb link.
The breadcrumb Home>Forums>Forum Container>Forum Name
Actual url is site/forums/Forum name
'Forums' in breadcrumb will link to forums/forum

Running out of places to look. Any help would be appreciated.

>Turning off clean urls fixes this issue
Still looking at the why...


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Version: 7.x-2.0-rc1 » 7.x-2.0
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I checked mod_rewrite and verified nothing server-side was messing with 'forum' path.
Because turning off clean urls fixes the issue I'm leaning toward a module conflict.
Forum path is the only path affected so that is what has me looking at AF but the sub links in forums are not affected.
Would disabling and uninstalling AF affect the taxonomy forums structure or data? It looks like AF only uses data and does not alter or store any?

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I ended up doing url redirects from the paths that 'forum' was being pathed incorrectly by the system. I couldn't redirect to 'forum' because an infinite loop resulted but i redirected to the main forum container I use. On my system I'm only building on one forum group or container that has about 20 different forums. So the redirect, while not ideal, works in my case. I'm still getting the wrong relative path when 'forum' is used and in breadcrumbs unless I'm at site root. This will have to suffice until I figure out the why. At least the user will go to a page and will not receive my 404 page when clicking on the 'forum' link. The other links in the forum work so I only had to do this when 'forum' was in the url. The forums inside the forum container link with 'forums' so they work fine.

This probably? isn't an AF issue but I'll leave to maintainer to dispose of this thread after reviewing it. I'm still looking for a fix if anyone has some insight.

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