Content authors often don't understand the concept of redundancy. they use to upload the same file over and over again and refuse to use filefield_sources.

We all know the problems of redundancy:

  • doublicate files waste more space on the server
  • doublicate files waste bandwith

Possible Solution

Users with appropriate permissions can merge multiple files into one: maybe like this:

in the next step users should be able to:

  • chose a new filename or chose between the existing
  • chose which file to keep in case they defer

after this, all duplicated files except the target file will be deleted and all references in fields will be changed to the target file. possible there should be a redirect pointing from the duplicate file path to the new target file path.

Further Considerations

maybe there should be another tab like "Possible File Duplicates" which lists simmliar or identical files.

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I would really have the feature to marge files ;)

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