Hi, is there a possibility to export correctly the accents like 'é' in a csv file? I'm trying to export data from nodes (contacts nodes) to a csv readeable by outlook 2007.


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I tried this and it worked ok for me (since I also need this functionality. Are you sure you aren't making it convert things to ASCII. I made sure that I didn't check that option off in the settings of the View :)

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You don't need to put the conversion on ASCII. Just set your character set on Unicode (UTF-8) when opening the .csv-file.

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you can try with phpExcel....

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

We export in UTF-8 by default, so this really should work as mentioned in #1.
I think this is an issue with the program you're trying to open the CSV with not reading it as UTF-8.