Why Drupal was chosen: 

Brigthcove, one of the leading providers of online video, doesn't need any introduction to the Drupal-world. Recent Drupalcons they streamed all the Keynote sessions. What many Drupalers didn't know yet is that Brightcove adopted Drupal from the early stages and developed a massive Drupal multisite-platform to support their business: corporate websites in +6 languages, blog sites, event websites and a range of support websites.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

Business Background

Brightcove Inc., a leading global provider of online video, provides a family of products used to publish and distribute professional digital media all over the world. Together, more than 4,200 customers in 50 countries rely on Brightcove's cloud content services and the company live-streamed all the keynote sessions at recent Drupalcons. Brightcove adopted Drupal shortly after they incorporated. A massive Drupal multi-platform was implemented to support all business goals, including corporate websites in over six languages, blogs, event websites and a range of support portals.

Technical Objective

Wunderkraut implemented the latest design for the multilingual, Drupal 6 based blogs and support portal.

Business Results

Wunderkraut is Brightcove’s preferred Drupal partner to support the internal Drupal development team. Wunderkraut supports Brightcove with premium Drupal support, consultancy and development tasks. This gives the Brightcove team freedom to focus on core services, while being assured of the best Drupal development delivery.

Organizations involved: 
Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 


Project team: 

Wunderkraut Belgium (Antwerp): Dieter Beheydt, Jan Yves Vanhaverbeke, Cedric Spillebeen, Kristof De Jaeger